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Who are more Prone to being Unfaithful?


What is the real reason why women deceive their comrades?

While there are many motivations for infidelity, including revenge, boredom and emotion, experts say that sex determines precisely why we can cheat behind the back of our partner.

People deceive for all sorts of reasons, but it is your gender that determines why you may be unfaithful.

As for women, ladies tend to play in the field if they feel emotionally depressed – while men are more likely to move away if they are not satisfied with the physical side of their relationship.

While there are many reasons for unfaithfulness, experts say that the majority of times, the motivations behind cheating differ according to gender.


Why are women deceiving?

  • Surveys show that women often wander when they feel they have an emotional gap with their other half and feel lonely
  • Men tend to deceive when they feel they do not get enough sex at home or they are sexually attracted to another woman

Family therapists claim that women usually say, “I felt alone, there was no contact between us, I was not close to my partner, and he always took me for granted.”

They also say they need to have someone to look at them and make them feel sexy again.

Women tend to be unfaithful if they feel emotionally deprived.


Which gender is more likely to fall in love after cheating?

Rutgers University biologist, Ellen Fischer, says women are more likely than men to fall in love with the person with whom they cheated on their partner.

Women are also more likely to be deceived if their mothers have cheated their father in the past.

A recent study showed that 71% of the women who cheated revealed that their mother had also done so!


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