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This Dating Tactic May Be the Solution for All Your Awkward Holiday Parties

Even though it kind of feels like it’s the 210th day of March, the holiday season is somehow already rapidly approaching. Some people thrive during these annual festive gatherings, often surrounded by lots of family and friends, while others would really rather do without them. If you fall in the latter group, you’re certainly not alone.

In fact, a “holidate” may be just what you need to get you through the season. 

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UrbanDictionary defines this term as the combination of a romantic date and a holiday, or a short trip to a location that is new to both parties so that they can get to know each and explore together. However, a holidate doesn’t necessarily need to be a romantic thing, and it doesn’t have to involve taking a trip anywhere special either. A holidate can also be a platonic guest that you bring to holiday parties to avoid the pressure and judgement of your family members.

You know, like your nosy Aunt Joan who’s always asking when you’re going to settle down and have kids? And your judgmental cousin Karen who’s always giving your casual dates the ol’ side eye from across the dinner table? That’s avoidable now, courtesy of having a holidate on your arm.

It’s that second definition that provides the basis for the upcoming Netflix film Holidate. The rom-com sees Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey as a pair of strangers who find the holidays completely awkward and wholly unenjoyable for many of the aforementioned reasons. During a chance meeting on one particularly bad Christmas, however, the two decide to make a pact to become each other’s holidate for every holiday throughout the next year. Check out the first trailer below:

Of course, the holiday-hating pair agrees to a totally non-sexual arrangement, and they actually start out as a really great team. But since this is a cheesy holiday rom-com, you can guess how a year of fun celebrations without any pressure can quickly go sideways and start brewing a ton of romantic feelings.

Whether or not they can turn their shared love for the things they hate into the perfect foundation for a successful relationship is something you’ll have to find out when Holidate hits Netflix on Oct. 28.

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