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Sex and Zodiacs!

How do signs of the zodiac have sex? Are they sensual? Is it spontaneous? What vices do they make out? What turns them away? An Athens escort can easily tell apart what sign of the zodiac is the partner she has!

Read below to find out all the answers:


The favourite phrase of Aries is “Fast to the Roast“. Aries’s temperament in sex does not differ from his real life – he likes it spontaneous adventurous and wild. Feelings are better to miss, otherwise Aries get… the down walk.

Nevertheless, he will give his best, perhaps more than needed.


Unlike Aries, Taurus has other vices. He wants hugs, he wants atmosphere, he likes sensual situations. He will welcome his partner with candles, red wine and strawberries – whatever you see in TV.

If he falls into a partner who snorts sensuality and wants unpredictable sex (that is, Aries), he gets him down.


Gemini, while he is old-fashioned and wants specific things in sex, likes to have a “basic recipe“. Occasionally, he wants sensuality, sometimes he also wants to get it. Sometimes he wants a little role play, and others wants to move from one room to another.

If you do not want to move around, do not stay undead or “starfish“. She does not have sex just to do.


Most times Cancer is misunderstood, he’s too romantic and sweet to sex. The truth is that one of the reasons that he is unique is because to take out his vices he has to do it slowly – otherwise he will scare his partner.

If you want to push the Cancer, just look at yourself in bed.


He wants to have tremendous performance in sex. And it is not enough for him to feel himself performing well, he wants and his partner to agree to. He likes words in sex, especially when it comes to him and how delightful his sex is.

He will get back if he realizes that you are bored even for a while – he will not like it at all.


As long as the hypothetical partner takes care of the body’s (and oral) hygiene, Virgo can become very “dirty” in bed. It is enough to get to know a little, so much that there is the necessary intimacy.

He will be in an unperturbed sensitive area or dirty sheets. He must have his head clean so that he is concentrated wherever he should.


Libra is another sensual sign. At the same time, he likes to experiment, in such a way that he learns his partner’s buttons: by mutual masturbation let’s say.

He will be even if he is hurt, even for fun. For example telling him about his belly, it probably will not have any positive results.


He will do his best to satisfy his partner – the Scorpio’s partner will be badly miserable. He is observant and knows how and when he should add a bit more passion. Especially enjoying anal sex, as it requires more lust.

It turns him off when he finds his girlfriends with someone who just make her happy. No, if you do not want sex, do not give him the favour.


It is the definition of experimentation. To the extent that if his partner is not very open-minded, he may freak him a bit. He likes to play porn movies on screen as long as he does sex; not because he’s “making it” but because he likes to try out ideas.

If you want to force him, tell him “I love you” the first time you have sex.


Generally, Capricorn works with goals, sets them and achieves them. So that’s the sex for him. What is the purpose of sex? Have orgasm both. Therefore, he will learn everything about his partner’s tastes and will adapt accordingly. The next stop is his own, though.

If you do not want to stay away, do not criticize his or her tastes on the bed. Everybody bothers them, but Capricorn affects him a little bit more.


To irritate an Aquarius, you must stimulate his mind first. He likes cinematic sex – and we do not mean sex under the sheets combined with a French kiss. He’s looking for exaggeration. And if this exaggeration means sex on the balcony or bromoglossy at a loud intensity, the Aquarius is in.

You will be relieved if you want the same things all the time. Some people like it, not Aquarius.


Pisces are supposed to like romance, and you are right. But he has another side, his wild side. For anyone looking for a partner who ‘sells’ a little the fairytale, but to do a wild bed, Pisces is the ideal one.

Pisces does not easily move away. However, if he does not like something, he tells you and you ignore it, better go home.

Every sign of the zodiac has its own characteristics… choose the one that suits you best in bed (Athens escorts) and enjoy the most.

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