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Guess what sex postures a woman prefers depending on her personality…

Men this articles is not only for you but also for women! If you have your own favourite sex posture why not find out which type of woman suits you best depending on her personality?

Read below what Athens Escorts told us about sex postures a woman prefers depending on her personality.


Are you shy and you usually want to go unnoticed?

First tip:

Lower the lights, but do not switch them off completely. You can try the missionary posture because the guy gets the primes and you follow. If you feel uncomfortable with your body, the best thing you have to try at the beginning of the act is to make love under the covers. And remember that men are more focused on sex (Athens escort) and the eroticism that you transmit not to your imperfections.

Are you social?

Are you social, out of heart, are you the dominant woman? The best position attitude for you is to be above the man. Because you are above you make the most of the traffic and you have control of the situation.

If you are the type of a friendly woman…

If you are a friendly person, you will have better performances at stops that are warm and welcoming. Choose a place to be face to face with your partner and close to each other. Having sex with someone and wrapping around him is a friendly and welcoming attitude.

This is the type of the Girlfriend Experience Athens Escorts offer!


The Hard and Strong Woman

You may be harsh because you have a stressful life or are often moody. Oral sex is the key to this type of personality. Preliminaries are important because you will be better off and ready to do everything. An attitude of sex that the man has control, could work better.

The “Crazy

Try anal sex. It is a stand for energetic people. If you do not like anal sex, try the reverse cowboy, lie down and climb over it with your back turned to him.


Sit on a sofa or chair opposite a mirror so you can see yourself at the time of sex.

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