Xi Ruo Dong Li’s Twilight Shadow by Zixuan

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27 September 2022
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“But I’m free.” Xie Xidong laughed because he was sitting on a bench Can you bear hardships? Xie Xidong asked. I’ve had enough. “Name?” “Hua Xiaosi, just call me Xiaosi.” Xie Xidong turned to say a few words to the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper nodded,24v Gear Motor, “hire you, come in.” “Thank you, thank you. I’ll do my best.” Hua Xiaosi carried the bundle and stepped into the East and West Building. Why hire him? Mo Ruoli asked. Because he is poor. “You pity him?” “I often pity people, but seldom pity Jianghu people.” Xie Xidong said lightly. His background needs to be checked again. Mo Ruoli is not at ease. Give it to Fu Quan. Hua Xiaosi took two steps with the shopkeeper, then turned back and walked to Xie Xidong. “Thank you.” “You’re welcome.” “You’re in charge here?” “No, just a handyman like you.” Xie Xidong laughed. Hua Xiaosi’s bright eyes looked at him twice and then turned to Mo Ruoli. “Are you in charge here?” “No,Gear Reduction Motor, it’s just accounting.” Mo Ruo left the way. You’re beautiful. Hua Xiaosi praised. Thank you very much “Thank you again.” Hua Xiaosi bowed and left with the shopkeeper. Chapter II Hua Xiaosi is very capable. He can clean, Walking into the side hall of the back hall, he saw Fu Quan and knew that he had come to report the information. Landlord. Fu Quan Shi Li. Let’s talk about the hairpin first. Xie Xidong Road. “Yes, the owner of the wooden hairpin is Yuehuang 13, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, the master of Yuehuang 13.” Fu Quandao. The Lo First look for a while,small geared motors, if I think right, the month emperor thirteen will appear in person in the east and west building. Xie Xidong laughed. Why? Fu Quan asked. Because I’m not at ease. “Why not rest assured?”? Don’t believe in the ability of the East and West Building? Mo Ruoli asked. After all, people have a time to worry. Xie Xidong smiled.