When it was dark

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21 September 2022
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A pair of army boots stopped in front of her eyes, pointing to a lifelike NPC in front of her, roaring: “He is a model, not a real person, why don’t you dare to shoot him?!” Ye Ge shook his eyelashes, his lips still tight, and the fingers on the trigger trembled violently.
Captain Lu’s eyes were like a knife. He raised his voice and continued to shout, “Just because your father has been shot, you dare not shoot?!”! Yegor! Don’t forget who your father killed! He killed your real mother! Didn’t you see your father beat your mother to death with more than ten people? How old were you? Eight years old, it’s time to remember! Have you forgotten the eyes your mother looked into before she died? The author has something to say: I find that each chapter has a lot of words. I don’t know if it looks tired. 、chapter20 Ye Ge shrugged his shoulders violently and finally cried out in depression. Captain Lu still roared: “You lost your mother, lost your home, suffered all kinds of humiliation, were thrown into an orphanage, did not have enough food and clothing, could not raise your head in front of others, were expelled from the archery team, and never came to the fore in the future. Who caused all this?”? It’s your dad! Don’t you hate him? The man in front, you take him as your father, aim, shoot, kill him! Beat out all the hate in your heart! Ye Ge’s cry grew louder and louder until he finally threw away the gun in his hand. The army’s boots stepped on the gun and said, “What’s the matter?”? Can’t do it? Did you forgive your father? Your father is a murderer. He deserves to die! You kill your father now, and then you can kill other criminals! Ye Ge cried out of breath, and her father led a group of people to beat her mother to death in front of her eyes, which was crushed by her and buried in the bottom of her heart. For so many years, she thought that as long as she didn’t want to, as long as no one mentioned it, it really didn’t happen. She told herself that her father had killed someone and died in prison. Mom was also killed by others. She can avoid the fact for many years, caught off guard, so the land team was bloody pulled out. Ye Ge was crying in the dark when Su Mo jumped over and kicked the gun flying to the ground. “Grass, your uncle!” He scolded! We’re not practicing! He pulled Ye Ge lying on the ground, “Ye Ge, let’s go!” Sumo took Ye Ge’s hand and kept running. They ran out of the provincial team gate, ran to the road,Horse weight lbs, ran to Xiaoniwan, and ran back to the road. Never stop until the water in your body evaporates and you can’t run any more. Su Mo put his hands in the pants pocket of his school uniform and followed her silently. When it was dark, Ye Ge walked back to Xiaoniwan.