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27 September 2022
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May be the reason for playing games with the brain, Gu Jingsheng’s state is more reol of blood on the floor. Wei Jiashi murmured, “Are there chains and restraints on the bed?” Since it is a duty room, there is no doubt that this is the place where nursing home staff rest at night,ultrasonic dispersion machine, how can there be equipment for patients? Gu Jingsheng said calmly: “Before the patient escaped from the sanatorium, he had launched a crazy revenge against the staff, and these things must have been left behind at that time.” Wei Jiashi thought about it and feared it. After Ronaldinho’s death, Fang Qiju was a little anxious. Reason told him that he should wait a little longer, but the danger everywhere made him urge: “Have you found anything?” Although there was no specific reference,ultrasonic molten metal, Gu Jingsheng got Fang Qiju’s question without any obstacles and shrugged his shoulders: “Don’t worry, I think there must be a clue of advanced difficulty in this room.” Fang Qiju froze: “Do you really want to challenge the high difficulty?” Gu Jingsheng didn’t have to fight to the end with this copy. “Try it first,” he said tolerantly. “It’s really impossible. It’s OK to pass the customs with ordinary difficulty.” “……” Fang Qiju felt that if he could say such a thing, either the girl in front of him was really a big man, or she was really cute and new. Theterary and artistic works. What’s more, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, there are hints now. The props used to tie people to the bed, such as chains and restraints, are the game reminding you that you can lie down and have aand then pulled the whole drawer out,ultrasonic cutting machine, upside down. There was a new message on the back of the drawer and several bloody handprints. Gu Jingsheng judged: “These handprints are obviously left by the left hand, plus the distance between the wooden cabinet and the iron bed is far longer than the length of a human arm, so Connor must have cut off his right hand to touch the drawer.” 。