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Probably as long as it is about him, even if it is extremely boring, it is sweet to her. When Sun Hong went out to fetch water, he caught a glimpse of Lin Zhan writing in a good mood. He thought she was doing some interesting reading exercises. He looked over He bit his pen and said to Zheng Yimian. Mian Mian, I kind of want to give up. Zheng Yimian: “…” Seeing Lin Zhan scratching her hair again, Zheng Yimian said,Low Rpm Electric Motor, “Don’t scratch it. If you scratch it again, you will be bald.” Lin Zhan listed a few formulas, one by one, and the radio was still singing: “Pencil in hand/Back and forth on paper/I use a few lines to describe who you are to me..” She scribbled on the draft paper: “I use a few lines to describe who you are to me.” At the end of his speech, he raised his pen and wrote down a line: “Shen Xie, Lin Zhanfu, is very much favored by Emperor Zhanfu.” Knock on the book case to show Zheng Yimian: “I wrote three lines of love poems.” Zheng Yimian: “…” Two people are making a noise,micro gear motor, somebody cries Lin Zhan: “Zhan Zhan, water dispenser does not have water!” Lin Zhan stood up and said, “I know. I’m coming.” The person who delivers the bottled water every day will put the water at the door of the classroom. Lin Zhan went to the door of the classroom, lifted the water, and was about to go inside. Outside, Shen Xie saw her at a glance and stepped over to hold her hand. Iour sister, 12v High Torque Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, yes, yes, well done this time!”! Found a live-in son-in-law for our thirAfter meeting him, she learned to calm down, believe in herself and overcome the anxiety before the exam. Shen, on the other hand, is learning to escape from the boring life and slowly, step by step,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, approach the bustling world. Nothing is perfect. Lin Zhan thought. But at least I have never regretted it. /// Two days before the college entrance examination, Lin Zhan silently recited basic knowledge points at home. On the first day of the college entrance examination, Jiang Wan sent her to the examination room.