Shang Guan Ding Kuang Xia Yi Jian

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21 September 2022
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Gradually,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, Sha Ziqi’s body began to move forward again, very slowly, like an old cow, dragging forward with the last trace of strength, walking very hard. The light of the fire shone on his face, and there was a look of fear and awe in his pale face before he died. He looked back at the steward of the Black Flag and said, “Elder brother.” His voice became so gentle that it was like an old friend who had not seen him for many years, and like the cold wind blowing in the middle of winter,Ceramic Bobbin, which made everyone feel worse than being cut by a sharp blade. The steward of the Black Flag stepped forward and stood side by side with Sha Ziqi. His eyes were cold and he said without a trace of affection, “Old Sha, ceramic welding tape ,ceramic bobbin heater, please love yourself.” Sha Ziqi slowly turned his face sideways, and a faint wry smile appeared on his face. His thick eyebrows shook deeply, and he said, “I know..”. He glanced at the stone standing in the distance and said loudly, “Brother Shi, I’ll go first.” Shi Qiuzhong’s eyes were all wet. “You..” Sha Ziqi suddenly turned around and bowed to everyone with a deep bow. A line of people in order to give the sand incense, everyone’s eyes are very strange, no one’s eyes do not show a confused and sad look. People’s feelings are very strange things, in life, also want to curse him to die quickly, when the person who was cursed really died, will feel that this person should not die like this, so feelings are the most elusive thing. The chief steward of the black flag said in a deep voice, “Send the spirits to heaven, and the souls of the dead will cross over.” The four boys in black were released from the paper tin pool of the underworld. Suddenly, they burst into flames,cordierite c520, and the flames were beating in front of people’s eyes. It was as if a ghost had leaped up in the flames, rising into the sky with the flying ashes, and gradually receding..