shall we make an agreement?

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21 September 2022
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“I can ignore these things as long as I want to go to the United States.” “That’s what Dad promised me,” said Bai Zhuangsheng suddenly. “America..” Fu Xi immediately panicked. If the younger sister’s body is very healthy, with Bai Zhuangsheng’s character, will never tangle with his father these troubles, he can take her farther, never return to Dongchuan. But Thinking of the doctor’s diagnosis that day, Zhuangsheng was suddenly driven to a dead end. He thinks longer than anyone else. He began to be inseparable from his father’s support and virtual machines. Fu Xi couldn’t understand it at all. She whispered, “If I can live for so many years, can’t you be by my side?” “Don’t talk nonsense.” Bai Zhuangsheng can only pretend to be helpless: “This is also my father’s request.” For Fu Xi, the most terrible thing was that he could no longer be seen, so he pushed away his rice bowl: “I also want to go to the United States, I will study hard there, and I will get the first place in the exam.” You know it’s impossible, and you understand why Dad arranged it, don’t you? Bai Zhuangsheng asked sadly. Fu Xi suddenly threw herself into his arms and shed tears in silence. Maybe it’s a good thing for me to leave, maybe you can really grow up, have your own life, your own dream, and become a more complete person. Bai Zhuangsheng stroked his sister’s head: “But shall we make an agreement? In the future, I will let you get the happiest life, become as healthy as everyone else, and then there will be no more worries. And you just need to believe that I will do it. Believe that among all the people in the world, what I care about most is you.” “I believe in my brother, but I don’t want you to go.” Fu Xi cried her heart out: “I don’t want you to go…” “Grow up, Ah Fu, and be a strong adult.” Bai Zhuangsheng bowed his head and kissed her hair,Walking tape measure, but that was all: “Be good, drink the porridge, and don’t make me worry more.” 。