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27 September 2022
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Buqingyun black hair without wind automatically up, fluttering backward, holding a halberd in both hands, Bujia Xuanji nine-style halberd display, a wave higher than a wave, a heavy and heavy superposition, and finally formed an unprecedented three Zhangs long blue light virtual shadow long halbempletely, a huge pit about several feet deep appeared, and there was no one inside. Ha ha ha A blow can not bear, directly into powder, no bones left! They laughed, but the expression on their faces had not yet solidified, they became stiff, their faces suddenly changed, their pupils widened, and they could not believe that they had forgotten everything. The shadow halberd, which was about thirty feet long in the sky,Edible oil filling machine, fell from the sky, and the person who controlled it was the young man who they thought had turned into powder! Invincible crit amulet! Unmatched in s killed by you?” Sima Ran Feng felt the fear that death was coming. He hesitated and could not speak. As soon as he opened his mouth,water bottle packaging machine, blood gushed out and splashed on the face of the young man opposite. His face was pal he was still gushing blood from his mouth as he spoke. Bu Qingyun did not wait for him to speak, directly waved his big hand, threw it out, hit a big tree, the man from the back, the whole body bone inch broken and shattered, PET bottle Mold ,water filling machine, that kind of heart-rending pain so that Sima Ran Feng stare big eyes, as if to come out of his eyes, but also covered with blood. He did not die, and he suffered so much that his life was worse than death. Sima Ran Feng pointed at Bu Qingyun, trying to speak but unable to say it. In the end, he could not bear the unbearable pain. With his last strengta soft tone, and no affectation. Bu Qingyun had been looking at him before, but he was not sure how he was. At this time, listening to his tepid words,CSD filling line, he really thought he was a gentleman. But if Rao is like this, what does it have to do with him? Is there any reason to hand over the treasure you got here? She immediately replied, “This thing was given to me by Sister Tang herself. I pinched her slender waist to prove it.” 。