Chasing Miser’s Wife: Daddy’s Coming, Son’s Running

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27 September 2022
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Finish saying, still throw down chopsticks childishly, “not happy, did not eat!” “……” Lan Jue is stupefied, just look at her quietly, the chest is suffused with complex emotion. For the first time, someone dared to lose his temper like this, or because of two green veg as if this life has not heard enough, but no longer hear the same. Also,Small Geared Motors, there are only two people in the room, why is there a third person’s voice? What’s the matter with you? Are you not feeling well? Lanjue realized her abnormality and stared warily at her pale little face in an instant. Gu shallowly shook his head, put his hand down and put it in the position of the lower abdomen. “Maybe he ate too fast and had a stomachache.” “I’ll check your stomach for you.” “……” Seeing Lan Jue’s nervous appearance, Gu Shallow suddenly remembered that he said she was pregnant. I didn’t expect a lie to make him so nervoGu shallowly chewed these two words, suddenly raised his head, “you are not going to give me food, why not go?”? I’m not full yet! Gu Shallow repeated like a grumpy child, but it is rare to blue jue good complexion, not to say that she showed a touch of dependence and trust, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,gear reduction motor, simply let blue jue elated! “Good.” Tall figure turned out of the bamboo house, the room suddenly left only a shallow person, reach out to touch the lower abdomen, eyes complex. After a while, he stood up from his chair, went to the window, poked his head out and scanned the medicine vAfter a long silence, he got up from the sofa and turned to walk upstairs. The housekeeper immediately reached out to stop his little body,Vending Machine Motor, “Young Lord, the master’s temper is not very good at this time, you’d better stay downstairs with your subordinates.” 。