Article 11 School Rules

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27 September 2022
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Part III Section 63: NO.7 Elm Lumps (5) But recently, Nannan found herself slowly changing, and she seemed to be more and more helpless. She could not help loving him, caring about him, and wanting to get back together with him. Sometimes, when she turned to see his lonely arning became. Curled up in the quilt, she took out a flashlight to examine her body from time to time, trying to confirm the existence of the spider silk. In fact, she had not seen the puppet strings since that day, but she was convinced that they were not hallucinations. She could not go on like this,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, she could not continue to suppress her impulse to make up with Janssen, she could not continue to endure this torture. She decided to turn passive into active, before she was completely manipulated, before she had completely lost her will, to find out who was behind the scenes, to expose the old witch mother of Yang Sen, to save herself, and to save Yang Sen. Therefore, Nannan and Yang Sen reconciled again. At that time, she stood on the balcony and shouted to Janssen who was waiting downstairs: “Janssen!”! I love you! Let’s make up! At that moment, she felt very relaxed and carefree. The cell phone number of the puppet manipulator is empty- 6] The days seem to go back to the past. Nannan has become accustomed to Yang Sen’s reticence and dullness. They walk, study and eat silently every day, seldom speak, juice filling machine ,juice filling machine, and sometimes do not speak for several days in a row. Although they do not speak, they act tacitly, and language has become superfluous between them. The roommates all said that Nannan married the chicken and followed the chicken, because Nannan had changed. Become as he does not even have an independent personality! She thought that the old witch must have manipulated him to say so; or,PET blow moulding machine, the real Janssen had died in the fire, and the Janssen in front of her was the puppet son made by the old witch, in order to comfort her heartache of losing her beloved son! Or..