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Why banner exchange helps SEO?

The vital energy for eevery website to rank on the search engines are the quality backlinks from other websites with relative content.

The more the domain authority and the quality of the website you have acquired a link, a banner link or a backlinks from, the better for your future rankinkgs.

Banner exchange cannot be considered dangerous. Many SEO experts from the SEO community and from big SEO agencies are prejudiced with the link exchnage schemes in generally and the so called reciprocal links.

Due to the fact that Google had many times warned not to exchange links, because it is for sure the easiest way to rank a website. It takes only some emails and an hour a day to find some other websites on the same niche, get connected and agree to put the link with the preferable keyword to everyone’s website and boom.

Banner exchange and backlink exchange are still the easy picking fruits or the low hanging fruits for every savvy or lazy webmaster and they have almost, apart from the cost of time, no cost of acquisition at all.

Will the link exchange harm my rankings on the longterm?

The answer is now, if you are doing the link exchange manually and on a naturall basis. If you start using automated links programmes like GSA or other ways that will accelerate the linking process, the game is changing and you playing with fire.

According to Google, the links pointing to your website site should be made naturally and should be looking like this. So please keep the link exchange process at a standard pace every month and do it manually.