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Abnormal Things People do in Relationships

Throughout life, various factors affect the person and his personality: family, environment, hobbies, dramatic events occurring in life. But nothing affects the personality as much as a relationship. Sometimes a person you’ve known all your life, inexplicably changes, after he starts to date with someone.

He used to be a cheerful guy, and today he turned into a dull henpecked man. Or your female friend transformed from cheerful soulmate into a real jealous bitch. But such metamorphoses relate not only to the character but also push us to inexplicable, sometimes utterly idiotic actions, which we will have to regret for a long time.

So if you are ready to plunge into new relations with Russian brides or any other girl, use the text written below as a little guide.

Sharing passwords from social networks

Do you know these couples who give each other their passwords from social networks? It seems to them that this is the highest level of manifestation of trust. And this broad gesture will be appreciated, but only as long as one of them does not begin to flip through the entire message history.

Imagine what will happen when your girl decides to read your correspondence with friends? You promised each other that you will not cross the line and get into personal conversations with other people? Forget about it!

Human curiosity has forced us to go into space, so your friend is guaranteed to get into your general chat with friends and see how you share your memories of past love adventures, discuss the beauty who works with you, talk about everything that you used to talk about in the men’s company. And if a fatal mistake was made and the dialogues with your ex were not deleted, then wait for a grand scandal.

Allow your girlfriend to drive a car if she cannot drive

What guy does not want to impress the girl, showing her his fearlessness and trust? Sometimes it transcends all boundaries, and many guys give access to the most precious, most intimate thing for every man – to his car. We will not even say that police officers can stop you and what it can turn out for you, and we’ll look at this situation from the other side. If the girl has the rights and skills of driving, then all right, it’s not scary.

But to entrust a steering wheel to the lady who drove the car a couple of times in her life in GTA is at least stupid and irresponsible. Firstly, you endanger the lives of other people because an inexperienced driver in an extreme situation often confuses the pedals of gas and brakes and in general behaves inadequately. Secondly, you risk your health, the health of the girl and the car.

Stop communication with friends or demand the same from her

There are also situations in which marasmus reaches its maximum, and one of the partners demands from the other to stop communicating with friends. This behavior can be justified if the company really has a bad influence on your beloved one.

If the girl will see that her boyfriend’s friends use drugs, then it will be normal to ask him to limit communication with them. Also, a guy who does not like the environment of his girlfriend, for similar objective reasons has the right to put forward similar requirements.

But it happens that your second half just do not like your friends. The reasons can be different: “they are too stupid/ noisy/problematic / behave like children/watching anime”. Most likely, the main reason for it is the partner’s selfishness. Trying to separate the beloved person from the society, we behave as owners, limiting the other person in communication. And this is stupid.

To get acquainted with parents in the first months

To get acquainted with her friends is one thing, but to get acquainted with her parents in the first months of the relationship is not the best idea. Everything begins with a harmless phrase: “Hey, my mother cooked you the tart!.” Do not rush to do her mother your mother too – you will always get to know each other. But such actions in some way oblige you and translate the relationship to another level. You can be together and love each other while keeping her parents at some distance.

Otherwise, the girlfriend may soon want to transfer the relationship to another level, and here we are talking about a wedding, which is not included in your plans. So be patient and careful.

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