Written by: Nadia Golden on 10 Απριλίου, 2019

7 Sexy Tips On How To Set Up Your Bedroom-1

It’s common knowledge that our environment has an influence on our realities and the way we feel. If you could stand some improvements in the bedroom, there are some fantastic ways that you can improve your romantic life, and most of them are so simple and easy to do. Things can get stale if you don’t change them up every now and then. We have some 7 sexy tips about how to set up your bedroom for better sex.

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1. Turn your bedroom into a sacred space

A bedroom that is filled with work equipment, dirty laundry or piled high with miscellaneous items doesn’t create a romantic mood. Find another place to store these items and make your bedroom your romantic sanctuary. Remove the things that remind you of work and create a comfortable and clean space that is reserved for sleeping and romance.

2. Decorate with equality

Since there are two of you in the relationship, if you’re living with a partner, decorate the room to be relaxing and sexy. Make sure to include things that make you feel special and things that make your partner feel equally special. When it’s a space that both of you are comfortable in, the sparks are more likely to ignite into flames. Creating equality in the physical outlay of the bedroom can be symbolic of your relationship.

3. Make the bedroom smell inviting

There are many different kinds of sexy scents that you can invest in for your bedroom. It’s a good idea to choose scents that you both like. A word of warning though. When browsing through the various aromatherapy scents available, look for one that creates a sense of calmness but one that also invigorates you. When you feel more invigorated, you’re more likely to have an energetic intimate encounter.

The sense of smell has a powerful influence on our sexual appetites and desire. Find a scent that you both agree upon, find a good quality diffuser or lightly scented candles and lightly scent your bedroom. A few tips on relaxing scents are jasmine, vanilla, tea tree oil, and lavender. Energizing scents are rosemary, citrus, orange, and lemon.

4. Keep the temperature a little cool

A room that is too warm can make you both feel sleepy. It can also interfere with the quality of an erection. The ideal temperature for a sexy bedroom is slightly cool. This can help to stimulate both partners and keep the heat down until your raise it naturally. The perfect temperature setting is between 67-70 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll also enjoy a better quality of sleep.

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