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5 sex mistakes that men make in bed

I know that almost each man thinks he is the best stalion during sex, but we all should admit that we may be doing some things in a wrong way. Anyway, there is no better way to improve your lovemaking skills than to learn from your mistakes and those of others.

Whether you are someone in need of a better approach, or just a married man looking to add a bit more spice back into your love life, our escorts will learn you some advice to avoid most common mistakes in sex.

1 Mistake: Sex starts in the bedroom

Men may feel the emotion of sex more than women. Pave the way during the day by hugging, kissing, and holding hands. Have some fun together, and show you appreciate her.

Feeling safe and secure in the relationship is key for a woman to really let loose during sex. A long hug can go further than you’d think. Hugging for 30 seconds stimulates oxytocin, the hormone in women that creates sense of connection and trust.

Mistake: Stick to Your Plan

Don’t think that if it worked the first three times, it will work the next three times. What turns her on may depend on her mood and where she is in her monthly cycle.
Perhaps her nipples are more sensitive or her genitals are less tingly.

Pay attention to your partner. Try different things and see how she responds. When you find something that works, linger on it. Women often complain that men move on to the next thing just as they really start to enjoy an activity.

Mistake: Expect Intercourse to Give Her an Orgasm

For 80% of women, intercourse alone won’t do the trick. Why not? Most sex positions don’t directly stimulate the clitoris. There are other ways to pleasure her. Women orgasm much more consistently from oral sex than from intercourse.

Also, try sex with the woman on top, or a vibrator made for couples to use during sex. To help her hit the high note when you do have sex, take time to get her going before you make your entrance.

The closer women are when they start intercourse, the more likely they are to have an orgasm.

4 Mistake: Skip the Seduction

Women like to be seduced. Seduction is as important as, or sometimes more important than, technique. It helps to know what kind of turn-on your partner likes, whether it’s oral, visual, or mental, she says.

Does your partner like it when you talk dirty over the phone or text? Trace your finger slowly up her chest? Flirt with her at a bar?

Also, if you like what you see, say so. Let a woman know how desirable she is.

5 Mistake: Trying Too Many Positions

Women hate switching positions often during sex, as when you stop to change it, her pleasure levels fall too quickly almost to the zero. Not only that, uncomfortable positions and angles can kill her mood in just a few minutes.

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