Written by: Nadia Golden on 14 Φεβρουαρίου, 2017

dating tips for men

5 Dating Tips For Men – What Do Ladies Uncover Attractive In A Man

Dating can cause anxiety and stress to meny men, especially when they are just before their first date with a woman they want so much.

Here are 5 dating tips, especially written for men in order to seduce the woman you are about to go out with.

1 Keep your hands to yourself and behave yourself

You might think that touching her a lot on the first date shows that you’re into her. What you’re actually showing her is that you’re super-touchy on every first date. Please, do not be super touchy and over friendly.
Try to behave yourself and behave like James Bond.

2 Be your true self

Do not pretend to be someone less if you want to impress her. Present yourself as the same person online and offline. Being yourself you give to her a very good chance to know you true character better.

Then she will or not will like you to go ahead to the second phase of your relationship.

3 Have it all planned on beforehand

Have the entire date planned, scheduled, and reserved before you pick her up. Not only will she be impressed by your organization, but you’ll also have a better time.

4 Practise with a call girl first

Practising with a real call girl playing the Girlfriend Experience will help you calm down and get better in dating. Practise makes you better in every aspect of your life! If you are in Athens ot in Thessaloniki, you may book an appointment with a quality escort from Escorts Thessaloniki Agency.

5 Be like a movie star

Almost all the male movie stars who attract a lot of women on and off the screen have exquisite manners. Women love being treated like ladies. Do you remember the dating tip number 1? Be like James Bond. There is no need to hurry and you need to have everything under control.

If you can’t pretend to be a movie star, act like a sex video star or a pornstar, at least you will be more relaxed when talking to a woman.

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